It is festival season in India. Navarathri (Dasara in Hindi) is one of India’s important festival period, the word Navarathri means “9 Nights”. 9 Nights of celebrations in which people in their houses show casing idols of gods and goddesses in beautiful settings, dolls depicting stories, parks, kolams (Floor Paintings with Colour Rice Powders). Relatives and Friends visit each others houses to see the decorations, chat, eat “Sundals” and leave.

We had lots of visitors this time to our house. So overall Navarathri is a good chance for you to visit friends and relatives who you haven’t met for years.

Read here my posting of last year Navarathri.

Dasara-2005-012 Dasara-2005-013 Dasara-2005-014 Dasara-2005-016

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