When I was in the USA last month, a friend of mine recommended salted chocolates (caramels). I vaguely remember tasting them a few years back, but never took a liking to it. Wanting to give it another try I bought this pack of salted caramels from Traders Joe’s.

Trader Jacques Fleur De Sel Caramels

The pack I took was called “Trader Jacques Fleur De Sel Caramels”. The box read Handmade caramel with sea salt collected off the coast of France, I am sceptical of these claims of Geographic authenticity of products in supermarket shelf, but I still got it.  Doing a web search I came to know the meaning of Fleur De Sel, which means Flower of Salt.

Coming back home and tasting it, I liked it. The caramel kind of melts in your mouth and the salt adds a depth to the taste. I recommend you try this out.

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