Demonte Colony (டிமாண்டி காலனி) is a horror film starring ArulnithiRamesh Thilak and 2 others, the four friends after a session of drinking in TASMAC (liquor bar) wanting some thrill, they enter a deserted bungalow in Chennai’s Alwarpet area. The house belonging to a wealthy businessmen of 19th century Sir John Demonte is rumoured to be haunted. After entering the house, what happens to them, do they all get killed as the rumour mills claim is rest of the film.

The first time I learned about DeMonte colony was in the Chennai Heritage walk to Alwarpet organized by Chennai’s favourite historian Sriram V. In the tour Sriram didn’t say anything about the Ghosty stories of the place, he just mentioned that by his last “will”, executed on 19.7.1820, Mr John D’Monte had given all his fortunes in favour of various charitable institutions under the management of the Bishop of St.Thome.

The screenplay of the film is excellent, the story is delivered in a straight line and as it progresses our anticipation increases. The film is not heavy on “graphics”, in fact, we hardly see a ghost fully but still, we get shivers in our spine many times, I did. Arulnidhi has delivered a brilliant performance, at many scenes you could see the fear in his eyes clearly. He has shown he has the potential to come a full round in Kollywood, all the best to him.  There are no female lead characters, in fact, other than the four friends, we see only M.S.Bhaskar in one important scene, that’s all. Director has avoided many cinematic formula pitfalls in the movie, Hero is shown as not a squeaky “clean” person, there is no “item” glamour dance, still you will get to see a “drunken” dance by the Hero, God save the Tamil youth who gets inspired to drink after constant marketing for it by Kollywood.

The highlight of the film is the last scene, it was completely unexpected and has been told well. Director R.Ajay Gnanamuthu and Music composer Keba Jeremiah have delivered a solid film that’s a must watch this season if you like this genre.

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