(Flashback Post: April 2, 2000)

In the height of Dot com boom at April 2000, along with two of my friends (Satheesh Ramamurthy & Srivatsan) we launched Mangoidiots.com. By then my primary business at Vishwak Solutions was picking pace as an IT Services provider, so this was a moonlighting venture for me.


Mangoidiots.com was a funny/satire site whose main brand icon was Raven (~Crow), We had jokes, tidbits, teasers, quizzes and more. The name came from the Tamil term (மாங்காய் மடையன்). Today when I searched for some screenshots of the site, I was surprised to find the one below in Web Archive:


Soon after launch we lost focus and the site was left to become defunct. I learnt few things in the journey of doing this site – Good ideas, great creativity and intentions are not enough for a successful venture, sustenance & fire in belly are more important.

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