Returning from our holiday in Vayalar,Kerala on the way to Kochi Airport we spent some time in the newly opened mall – Lulu Mall.


As the day progressed the mall became more and more crowded, at one point I felt the whole of Kochi’s population (2.1 Million) was inside the mall. The food court which was massive didn’t have a single square feet of empty space for you to stand, it was so crowded. And this statement is from someone (myself) who grew up in one of the crowded shopping areas in Chennai (Ranganathan Street). Being so crowded, we did the sane thing, took refuge inside the PVR Cinema multiplex on the top floor and saw Fast and Furious 6. My taxi driver did a smart thing, he had the taxi parked not inside the mall but outside – that way after the movie we could walk few metres and got into the car driving to Airport quickly.

Lulu Mall, Kochi is supposed to be India’s largest mall, it doesn’t appear that huge from outside or inside but statistics can’t be wrong. It is owned by a Dubai based firm, I had been to their supermarket (seen below) in Al Karama area in Dubai last year, it was quite impressive with their variety of merchandise.

Lulu Supermarket, Al Karama, Dubai

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