Movie Review

Just Sex and Nothing Else (2005)

Though the title “Just Sex and Nothing Else” gives a romantic idea, the movie is all about the emotional struggle of a single woman in choosing a life partner.

The story is about a woman after a failed relationship wanting to have a baby without any emotional baggage & another failure. If the storyline sounds familiar and lacking originality, remember that the film came eight years back in 2005. Director Krisztina Goda has kept the movie fast paced & paid attention to every character’s detail, most of them leave an impression on us.

While going through her ill-conceived plan of choosing a suitable man, Dora (the lead character) is confronted to select from three man around her  – a cook from Turkey, a clumsy music composer and a good looking male model. As the story progresses Dora realises that the choice is not so black ‘n’ white, she has to be flexible and learn to see the good in relationships. The opening scenes were humorous in which Dora gets admired by construction workers in the street and then she getting stuck in the street facing balcony topless. The actress Judit Schell who plays Dora comes out beautiful and plays them enjoyably. She practically carries the whole movie, kudos to her fine performance.