XBOX 360 AC Adapter

XBox360 AC Adapter

Recently I bought a XBOX 360 from USA to be used a Media Extender. The AC Adapter was 110V and surprisingly unlike your laptop/mobile chargers this doesn’t support multiple voltages. So to connect the XBOX in India I needed a new AC Adapter that works in 220V. I checked in my other XBOX 360 that was purchased in India and that had a 220V rating and Amazon US Store carried the 110V as an item to buy from Microsoft. So I assumed I can buy the AC Adapter locally, but bad luck. No shop (brick ‘n’ mortar or online) carried the AC Adapter alone separately in India. They redirected me to XBOX service centres, who said only on production of the faulty one they will give me a new one.  I wrote to XBOX 360 support, surprisingly I got a reply from them the next business day. I asked for a new 220V AC Adapter, they replied that XBOX 360 bought in USA won’t work in India due to voltage and DVD Region differences. I said clearly I understand that and I take the ownership, but they kept insisting that they don’t support voltage convertors (which I never wanted) and they don’t support using USA XBOX 360 in India.

We have received your email and as I understand, you would like to know if there is an available power converter that can be used with your Xbox 360 console bought from the United States (110V). I apologize for the inconvenience.
Venkat, I regret to inform you that Microsoft and Xbox do not have a first-party power converter for the console’s power supply. Although there may be third-party power converter sold that might be able to address the issue, we cannot guarantee the performance of the said items.  Furthermore, use of third-party or unapproved accessories with your console may cause performance issues which would void the warranty of your Xbox 360 console. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Finally before giving up, I went to Chennai’s Electronic Heaven “Ritchie Street” which is a miniature version of Delhi’s Nehru Place/Lajphat Rai market or Tokyo’s Akihabara. There I found a new XBOX 360 220V AC Adapter for Rs.1600. This was without any warranty, but when connected worked beautifully and my problem was solved (fingers crossed). This was much better than having a separate 220V to 110V convertor, as this was a native AC to XBOX DC Voltage conversion.

Update on 8/June/2009: Check my follow up post where I have given the address of the shop in Chennai and how you may get a free replacement from Microsoft.


  • harsha

    hi i m from hyderabad……..even i m facing the same problem with xbox brought from US…unknowing connected to the switch board and got damaged ….when searching for new one a shopkeeper from hyderabad said that he will come to my house and get replace the damaged one for rs2500. i dnt undersatand why he is saying to give the damaged adapter…..????can anyone help me please…..

  • Rahul Saraf

    Hi, Facing the same problem. Got an xbox 360 slim with kinect from USA. Not working in India due to adapter voltage issues. Called the customer support team and they ask for Rs 4179 for the new adapter as they have closed down the replacement scheme.

    I stay in Ahmedabad. Can someone give me reliable options for the voltage converter that i can buy online?

  • Vamsi

    Hi Skreddy,

    Can you please let us know the support number, so that we can call.

    Thanks for your update

    thank you all for your comments


  • skreddy

    Thanks alot for this blog ranagan.
    I called up support and they exchanged my US adapter for India for freeeeeeeee :)
    If I didn’t found this I may be endup buying another adapter.

    Thanks again

  • Manish Das

    I have a US Xbox and trying to run it inKolkata, India. I am looking for either

    1. A 250W 220V to 110V step down power converter with flat pin
    2. A Xbox 220 V power adaptor

    Anyone know where I can get one of these? # 1 is cheaper option, if it does not work I will go for #2.

    Manish Das

  • spike

    Hi All,
    Thanks a lot for all the posts. I called up Xbox india customer support. The explained the policy to me.
    If you have a US adapter which is not compatible with indian voltage, a representative from xbox will come to YOUR address and give u a indian adapter in exchange of the new adapter.

    This is UNBELIVEABLE. And the process will be completed within 5 working days!!!
    They will check if your adapter has been damaged.

    If you guys face any problem, feel free to mail me at
    I will be happy to help as i have received a great help from this post.

  • Saketh

    hey i am having the same problem…. will an ac adapter that is used from normal indian xbox 360 work for my xbox 360 bought from the US?

  • Nick

    @angad, no electronic equipment is meant to work on AC. The purpose of the powerbrick is to convert the AC voltage into DC voltage. The only difference is that, in US, the power brick has to convert 110V AC to DC and in Asia, it has to convert 220V AC to DC. The internal components of the XBOX 360 use maximum of 12V DC only and are same for all the consoles.

    So no, there is no design difference for console working on 110V or 220V. The only difference is in the power brick, actually transformer in power brick to be more specific.

    I see a lot of people are having problem in selecting the converter. Most probably you’ve bought an converter of incorrect rating. The oldest Xenon motherboard requires 203W power and newest Falcon/Opus requires atleast 150W. If you’re unsure of the motherboard, a converter of atleast 220V – 110V, 250W is recommended. You can absolutely purchase a converter of bigger watt rating if specified one is unavailable but no less than 203W. The price of the converter will increase with the power rating. The general price of 220V – 110V, 250W will be between Rs.1000 – 1300.

  • hicham saydeh

    dear all , i plug the xbox adaptor in a converter to 110v it work for a while , suddenly the circuit breaker in my house begin to cut .
    can some one help me , or some one know how to dissasemble it


  • Miguel Angel Hernandez

    Hello, my name is Miguel Angel Hernandez and I have the same problem as you with my XBox, you can give me the data store where you bought the adapter. I live in Mumbai India.
    Thank you very much.

  • Arun Subramanian

    "I am in Chennai, I have a XBOX 360 and i am facing the 3 red light problems, of which i had given to service last month to moosa shop in ritchie street, chennai. They said that they had to change a chip (to be imported from Singapore) which costs me Rs. 2500. I had agreed to it and had it serviced(in the first week of August2009).

    Again now i am facing the same problem, can you help me in providing the service centre who does pucca servicing of redlight fix"

  • angad

    hey venkat sir..u mean to say that u connected ur US 360 to a 220v power brick..i mean dint ur console fry up as it is built to be used for 110v






  • Sandeep


    Can someone tell me where can I get the xbox 360 adapter here in Pune/Mumbai/Hyderabad?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • darshan

    hello ppl…
    my brother is coming from US in 2 weeks time…i thought of telling him to buy an xbox 360 from the US to bangalore…. after reading all ur comments about the voltage issues i am wondering wheather to tel my brother to buy an xbox from USA or not…… and even if i do, will the games bought there work in india(bangalore). please suggest me…

  • Vijay

    Look at Gameflash in Ritchie street… I dont know the address exactly… Or look in Burma Bazaar.. But u may be get cheated if u r not a local..

  • Samir Pancha

    I am looking for the same thing bombay (MUMBAI) if anyone knows of a stre please let me know.

  • Venkat


    I am facing this same problem, I dont have a 220 V Converter or Adapter. I have searched all the big dealers but no use .I stay in bangalore. Can you let me know the address of the shop you bought this adaptor from or probable locations from where we can buy this adapter.

  • shashank

    iknow where we get the converter .we get it in houston texas u.s and the shop’s name is east to west

  • Venkatarangan TNC

    I didn’t expect this to be a popular request, apart from the comments I got an email as well :-)

    Unforunately I don’t remember the shop name in Ritchie Street, Chennai and they never gave a bill either. I just went asking in few shops and found it one of them. The best way I found is to carry the existing XBOX 360 110V Adapter and showing it in shops. They understand easily by seeing it and it is readily available Good Luck.

  • Kiran

    WOW Venkat,

    Please give us the address of the shop. You have shown us a ray of hope who are sulking over the imported Xbox 360.


  • Nitesh


    I am facing this same issue, I dont have a 220 V Converter or Adapter. I have searched all the big dealers but to no avail :(. i stay in bangalore. Can you let me know the address of the shop you bought this adaptor from or probable locations from where we can buy this adapter.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Venky

    So you recommend the locally bought xbox360 adapter to a 220-100v converter plugged in the packaged xbox360 Power supply unit?
    I am currently using a 200w 220v-110v converter before the xbox adapter and the xbox shuts off after 5 minutes; no damage touchwood but it shuts off nonetheless.
    I am looking to get a 500w adapter (heard somewhere that the xbox360 uses 203w) to try and solve this problem. Suggestions?
    I was unable to procure the 220v xbox adapter here in India (Pune).