Few months back my mother asked me to shop for a stainless steel rack that could be placed in our backyard to dry the washed utensils. In our house we have larger than usual kitchenwares, cutleries and cups so I was looking for a large rack, say 1.5 to 2 feet in depth and 4 feet in width.

The racks I saw in local shops and online were much smaller, most of them were models that you could hang on the wall where as I wanted a free standing one. After few enquiries around I was pointed to local “Walmart” in Chennai – the legendary Saravana Stores in Ranganathan Street, Chennai. There I met the supervisor incharge of the section who said they could fabricate a rack for me with my custom specification. I was happy and ordered a rack with four trays, the top two having rails close to each other (one inch gap) to hold smaller utensils like cups. What you see below is what they custom made for me and it costed just Rs.11,100 including delivery.


Needless to say, my mom is super happy with what I got for the house!

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