This weekend I read this fiction, The Laughing Corpse by famous Urdu detective story writer of last century IBN-E Safi. The last book I read by the same writer was English translations of his popular Imran series. Most of IBN-E Safi detective books are small in size, they are less than 150 pages which you can finish reading in one or two sittings.

The story of The Laughing Corpse is a young lady (orphan), suddenly inheriting a huge estate. All rich men of the city are courting her and then suddenly she is kidnapped. The famous Colonel Faridi and Captain Hameed are on the case. The entire case is handled by Colonel Faridi with Captain Hameed providing comic relief. And to this mix is two international criminal gangs who are getting involved. Everything is solved easily by Colonel at the end. Not much of surprises or twists, but a fun book for casual reading.

Compared to this book, I liked the Imran series more. Maybe it is to do with the translation.

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