Shathapthi Express & Bangalore station

Travelling to Bangalore from Chennai has been one of the easiest by flight before 2001 and the resulted tight Airport securities. In those days, I have done many morning-evening same day return trips leaving home at 5:30AM and coming back home at 8PM. As Bangalore’s traffic grew exponentially and the change to the new Bengaluru International Airport happened, it made these trips difficult. It takes you to travel from Airport to City (or other way) about 2 hours even by Vayu Vajra buses, which I like.

Today for a business meeting around 12PM, I travelled by Shathapthi Express (Train 2007) from Chennai that reached Bangalore at 10.55AM and returned back by Shathapthi (Train 2008) that left Bangalore city at 4:20PM. The journey was comfortable with food being served more than a full-service Airline all throughout the 5 hour journey. The coaches & toilets were clean, ride was smooth & seats comfortable. This is my third or fourth travel by Shathapthi to Bangalore & highly recommend it for travelling in this sector.

Shathapthi Express

During the return ride from Bangalore to Chennai, I watched the movie “The Help” in my MacBook Air, I love train journey just for this luxury, no need to shutdown during take offs and landings & you can charge your laptop without being in Business class.

While boarding in Bangalore City, I strolled into a small Railway Museum displaying olden days Railway equipment & tools. This is a good attempt by South Western Railways, most stations should have one to encourage kids to learn about history and design for future. Its a free entry, nothing kept here is fragile or expensive but still there were two railway staff manning the museum – proving Indian Railways tradition.

Token Pouch used as token by drivers - Bangalore City Station Museum

Calling bell to call station master - Bangalore City Station MuseumBlock Instrument - Bangalore City Station Museum

Every time I go to Bangalore City station and walk down between the platforms in the subway I feel like taking it a photograph – I like that long subway, it gives a feeling of exploration.

Subway between platforms in Bangalore city station

Lastly, this bright red coach painted with Mysore Sandal soap advertisement was looking so beautiful on the tracks that I immediately clicked it. I wish they paint all train coaches with more of these bright colours and nice pictures.

Bright red train coach in Bangalore city station