Last April (2013) my wife purchased a Nokia Lumia 820 for Rs. 24,500 as an upgrade from her earlier Windows Phone (Samsung Focus). She loves the phone, its simplicity and the good camera. Unfortunately, she dropped it on the floor earlier this week, the glass display broke and the phone became unusable. When I checked with Nokia care they quoted Rs.8000 to change the display. Considering the phone is 18 months old, I decided to get her a new phone instead of spending on repairing the old one.

My wife was particular she wanted only a Windows Phone, so my choices were limited to Nokia Lumia 925, 1520, 1320 (6 inches), 530 and 630. She didn’t like the 6 inches 1320 & the 1520s, I didn’t like the 925 (considering it came last year) and 530 will be slow for her. The choice got limited to 630, I liked the specifications and the price of Rs. 10,000 for it. The Nokia retailer offered to buy back the broken Lumia 820 for Rs.1500 which I was more than happy to trade in.

Compared with Lumia 820 she had earlier, Lumia 630 was an upgrade (Quad core vs Dual Core, 1830mAh vs 1650mAh)  in many areas except the memory (512MB instead of 1GB in 820, 5MP camera vs 8MP in 820). The Phone was lighter too at 134g compared to 820’s weight of 160g. My wife liked the phone and I came happy about not spending Rs. 40K for a Lumia 1520.

Coming home I was able to set up the new phone in less than an hour. I inserted the SIM, connected to Wi-Fi, restored the backup from the cloud (of the 820), entered the passwords for, Facebook, Whatsapp, and MetroTube (YouTube app) and finally inserted the microSD card from the 820 which brought back all her photos, videos and music instantly.

Update: After a few days of usage, the wife says battery life is good, speaker quality and volume are great, and touch is fluid. Overall, happy with the purchase!

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