I just finished watching the British TV Series – Come fly with me (2010-2011). I like few of the British Comedy for they are good in bringing out a realistic portrayal of the society, especially they are very good in spoof & satires. As a frequent traveller, I was looking forward to the series after watching the Pilot which described the story to be about what’s happening in a British airport. Overall, I enjoyed the series, but it didn’t cut out to be my favourite.

All episodes seem to be from the same cookie cutter, characters were getting stereotyped. No new fresh storyline in any of the episode, though there was much to be talked about in an airport. Almost all the characters were enacted by the same pair of actors (Matt Lucas, David Walliams), though they played each character well, they donning even the female roles were making it monotonous. Having said it, many of the individual scenes had good humour in them which made the series overall enjoyable.

Come fly with me (2010-2011)

Come fly with me (2010-2011)

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