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On a PC, how to Voice type in Tamil?

For more than two decades, having computer translation, voice recognition and handwriting recognition in their mother tongue(s) have been a dream for many of the Indian language speakers including Tamilians. Partnering with institutions around the world, INFITT members have been working on this and had presented many technical papers on the subject in its annual conferences like with TI2010, when Unicode got Tamil Nadu Governnment’s approval. [This year’s conference is happening at the Anna University, Chennai from September 20-22, 2019]

Even when the support for local languages are in the devices, how effectively are they being used? That’s a discussion that I have written in detail in 2018.

If inventing these technologies in a research lab is one thing, getting it in the hands of users can happen only when the technology giants like Google, Microsoft or Apple bundle it in their products – in 2019 it is imperative these appear in Android Smartphone and iPhone, which are used by several billion people around the world.

Among mainstream vendors, Microsoft was the first to introduce Indian language support starting with Windows 2000. Then for almost a decade there was a long winter with occasional releases like UI support. Then in 2011 Google brought out their fine translation capabilities for Tamil. It was followed in 2014, when Google added hand-writing recognition for Tamil in their Google Translate app. Then in 2017 came the most anticipated feature of voice typing in Tamil in Google Search and in Gboard keyboard app. In 2018, Google rounded up their offerings for Tamil by introducing Google Adsense.

Ever since it got released in 2017, I have been regularly using the Voice Typing in Tamil feature in my Android phone through Sellinam app, written by my good friend Mr Muthu Nedumaran, Malaysia. To type a message in Tamil in WhatsApp by just speaking the message, you need to

  1. Add “Google Voice typing” feature from (in Android 9.0) Settings > System > Language & input > Virtual Keyboard.
  2. then you need to install Sellinam app,
  3. after which you switch to that (Tamil) keyboard by long pressing “space” key,
  4. then press the “Mic” icon (as shown in the picture below),
  5. once the Google Talk screen comes, press the “gear” icon to set the Languages to have தமிழ் (இந்தியா) as the primary language for voice – Google will insist on having English (India) but you need to put your foot down and stick with தமிழ் (இந்தியா).

Detailed instructions are available from the Sellinam website here.

Instructions for enabling Google Voice Typing in Tamil with Sellinam App
Google Voice Typing in Tamil with Sellinam App – செல்லினத்தைக் கொண்டு கூகுளின் குரல்வழித் தமிழில் உள்ளிடல் வசதி

The quality of Tamil voice typing with Google Voice Typing has been awesome.

Unfortunately, this feature has not been brought to the PC or Mac by Google to their Chrome browser. I have been jumping loops to get Tamil text to my PC – first I go to the Google Keep app, create a new note, do voice input and close – then I come to my PC, open, select the note, then copy the text that I had spoken in my phone – certainly, not easy. For some time, I was able to speak in Gmail, then it disappeared (or) I am unable to find it. I was looking for a Chrome extension or an App for Windows that will make it easy, I couldn’t find any.

The solution for this (voice typing in PC) was, as they say was hiding in plain sight! After all, I am not as smart as I make others believe.

Eureka! It occurred to me that I could use Google Docs which supports Voice Typing in all the supported languages. Follow the steps as shown in the below picture and you can dictate in Tamil from your PC or Mac easily. This has greatly improved my productivity while working on my PC.

Google Voice Typing in Tamil on your PC / Mac - Just use Google Docs
Google Voice Typing in Tamil within Google Docs on your PC / Mac – கூகிள் டாக் செயலியை உபயோகித்து தமிழில் நாம் பேசுவதை தானாகவே தட்டச்சு செய்யும் வசதி

As a bonus, dear readers, a pro tip exclusively for you.

Opening a browser, going to Google Docs, and, creating a new document every time you want to voice type in Tamil, say for a social media post is not going to be easy. Instead try this tip which you need to do only once and then onward frequent Tamil voice typing becomes super convenient.

  1. You create a new document in Google Docs just for this purpose – use this file whenever you want to voice type in Tamil and don’t use it for any other purpose.
  2. Every time you open the above document and start speaking after pressing Ctrl+Shift+S (the keyboard shortcut in Google Docs for Tools > Voice typing) you need to select “தமிழ்” from the drop down menu above the microphone icon. To avoid this, set the language preference of the document to “தமிழ்”, you do this from File > Language option.
  3. Use Google Chrome’s pinning (aka Create Shortcut) feature and get a shortcut pointing to this document available in your desktop. See the steps in the below image.

    Easily access Tamil Voice Typing by pinning Google Docs and setting the language to be Tamil within a document - தமிழில் உள்ளீடு என்பது கோப்புக்கு நான் வைத்த பெயர்
    Easily access Tamil Voice Typing by pinning Google Docs and setting the language to be Tamil within a document – தமிழில் உள்ளீடு என்பது கோப்புக்கு நான் வைத்த பெயர்
  4. Lastly, you may pin this same shortcut to Windows Start Menu from the Recently added list in Start Menu for frequent access. See the below image.
Pin the shortcut to Windows Start Menu from the Recently added list - தமிழில் உள்ளீடு என்பது Google Docs கோப்புக்கு நான் வைத்த பெயர்
Pin the shortcut to Windows Start Menu from the Recently added list – தமிழில் உள்ளீடு என்பது Google Docs கோப்புக்கு நான் வைத்த பெயர்


  1. i cannot enable shortcut as explained against Si. No. 3 above as no such image is there on my google docs. page.

    • I am unable to follow you, can you please explain? Also, are you trying this on a PC or a Phone, on Google Chrome browser?

      • A V Samikkannu Reply

        Thanks for kind response. As of now i have got the short-cut on the START window on my win 10 desktop pc by correctly following your instructions. Can I voice-type in MS WORD with the help of this “app” ; if so please post the necessary instructions here so that it can be of use to everybody.

        • The Tamil voice typing is a feature of Google Docs, you can’t use it in MS Word. Maybe, Microsoft may bring the feature for WORD, till then you need to go to Google Docs to do voice typing. You can copy the text from there, then paste it in Microsoft Word, that’s what I do. Hope this helps.

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