Director H Vinoth and Ajith Kumar have given a non-stop action movie from a simple plot of a bank heist. Bullets fly all the time, and my friend seated next to me even collected a few empty shells from the ground below. The first half of the film was fast-paced and engaging, which can’t be said for the second half. The film gets our mangoidiots rating of Raw.

Seeing the trailer I was not sure how good the character of the white-flowing beard-sporting Ajith will be. Thankfully, the appearance was apt for the role and was convincing. In the gun firing sequences, Manju Warrier comes fast and daring. Prem Kumar impresses the audience in the fighting scenes against Ajith. Samuthirakani as the Commissioner of Police overseeing the operations has played a role that reminds us of the one played by Mohanlal in Kamal‘s Unnaipol Oruvan (2009). The background score by Ghibran added the necessary beat for a film like this.

It is sad to see the movie picturising a bank and a mutual fund house to be frauds. Though the security market is not failproof, compared to all other savings instruments available to common people, it is one of the well-regulated ways that offer a good mix of safety and returns. In a country with a very low understanding of professional savings, people opt for gold or fall prey to chit funds scams. To them and others, mutual funds can provide a better alternative. Some of the dialogues criticizing banks were appropriate.

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