“Forgetfulness is a national disease”, says the multinational villain belittling Indians in the film Bhoomi (2021). If you are suffering from the same illness then you will like the film. I found the film starring Jayam Ravi – a talented actor I like to be a knock off of the season’s fashion. In the last few years for Kollywood, it is a hero who has been successful abroad to return to India to save the farmlands, farmers and innovate organic farming. The film is available on Disney+Hotstar.

Bhoominathan is an accomplished scientist and a NASA astronaut who is scheduled to farm the Martian surface. Before his three-year return trip to Mars, he visits his home town, a village in Tamil Nadu,  where he sees the plight of the farmers and their exploitation by the system and middleman. He decides to transform agriculture. As expected his efforts get opposed by the Government under the instructions of the “corporate”, a word that in Tamil cinema’s dictionary means a Multinational Conglomerate, and a possible synonym for the infamous Illuminati.

Though Jayam Ravi tries his best to lift the film, Director Lakshman‘s screenplay keeps failing him in every step. The heroine Nidhhi Agerwal feels out-of-place to the village and as a pair to Jayam Ravi, just like a designer doll will be in the hands of a poor village baby girl. Why a story featuring a patriotic reformer should be shown as working for NASA? When the same character could be the chief scientist at our own ISRO which too has a manned Mars mission planned. I am surprised our story writers feel the need for accreditation from the (imperialistic) western establishments.

If you can forgive all the above, click the play button, you may very well watch it till the end where you will be treated to a cliche climax that happens suddenly.

ஜெயம் ரவி - பூமி (2021)

ஜெயம் ரவி – பூமி (2021)

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