Today I saw this 2010 movie “Unstoppable” starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. This is a Hollywood action movie, the story is about a Freight train running uncontrolled over densely populated cities in Pennsylvania state. According to Wikipedia it is loosely based on a true incident in 2001 in Ohio state, knowing which made watching the movie more interesting (I didn’t think it will matter, but it did).


I was put off by the start of the film, it was going slow just like the train which keeps running slow initially. Then it picks speed as the story unfolds of its hazardous cargo, the densely populated route its going to take & multiple attempts to stop failing. It made me think that it should be technically easy to build a small remote controlled radio switch as emergency stop in all trains to save from any such incidents in future.

The film had its share of Hollywood clichés, like having school children unnecessarily shown coming in opposite track and Denzel Washington’s character suffering from Crony capitalism and hundreds of police vehicles travelling everywhere.

Though you know how it will end, I was able to enjoy watching the movie,.

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