I am in Hong Kong and Macau for last two days in transit to the USA by Cathay Pacific. I was lucky that my good friend/my first Yoga Master “Shyam” and his student “Jayan” in Hong Kong, had free time to show me around. Since I have seen the usual tours of Hong Kong in my trip last year, I didn’t go for sightseeing spots, instead went to Window Shopping. Since they have been living in HK for last few years they were familiar with where you can get good Vegetarian “Chinese” (yes I said it correct) food in HK.


We had our lunch at “Light Vegetarian Restaurant Jordan Road, Kowloon” which had the widest range of Vegan food and for dinner, we went to “Evergreen Vegetarian Restaurant”. Here you get “all” vegetarian versions of popular meat/chicken/seafood dishes.

Mock meat vegetarian dish

Mock meat vegetarian dish

These mock meat dishes are made mostly with Tofu to get the texture and the restaurants claim they get the taste of the real meat 80-85%. I couldn’t confirm the last point but I could vouch that the food tasted lip-smacking yummy for me. What I like in  Chinese and Japanese cuisine is the delicious and healthy  “Green” tea they keep serving hot. In Hongkong, Jasmine green tea seems to be popular in many restaurants. It helps in digestion and you can keep eating ;-)

Flower petal like vegetarian desert

Flower petal-like vegetarian desert

Trying a cake like egg less dish

Trying a cake like eggless dish

On my departure for my flight to the USA, we went to the huge Chinese restaurant (500+ seating capacity) in the Airport. I ordered (again) vegetarian Chinese dishes, this time it was boiled vegetables and a tofu dish.

Managed to pickup a peanut with chopsticks

Managed to pick up a peanut with chopsticks


Lightly cooked vegetable and cashews


Tofu with green leaves

So next time you are in HK and you are a Vegan don’t skip visiting these Chinese restaurants.

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