Sachein (2005) is a romcom starring Vijay  & Genelia D’Souza. The Vadivelu comedy sequences are out of the world, a laughter riot. Vadivelu‘s timing was brilliant. Genelia D’Souza has done her role well. Just for the comedy sequence, the film gets a Ripe rating on the mangoidiots scale.

Tamil Movies and monotonous characters: I was watching TV today, a clip from this film, Sachein where the lead couple are both college students with the story revolving around their college life. In almost all Tamil movies that have college stories, the main couple will be featured as the leaders of their respective groups in the story. The female lead character (Heroine) will be the most beautiful girl in the college and all the boys will be seen going behind her. Similarly, the male lead character (Hero) will always come first in studies, sports, gym and music.

I was wondering why they don’t make movies where the main characters are featured as members of a group and not as group leaders. I am sure you can tell an interesting realistic story with the main characters just blending in a group and still the story revolving around their life. Do you feel the same, please post your comments.

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