Pandian Express – First Class Coupe

For my summer vacation this time I selected Kodaikanal. I booked my ticket to travel from Chennai to Kodai road by Pandian Express in Class 1A. I thought this to be First AC, but we were pleasantly surprised to see an AC coupe (H1 compartment). It was well furnished with wide beds, washbasin, wardrobe, curtains and even toilet occupancy indicators (like in flights). Good comfort is provided by Southern Railways for just Rs.1336 per seat. With excellent facilities like this by train, budget airlines have tough competition for them (especially with rising flight prices). From Kodai road, Kodaikanal was about 2 hours drive.

Pandian Express Class1A Coupe
Pandian Express Class1A Coupe

Laptop / Mobile Charger Pandian Express Class 1A Coupe Toilet occupied Status - Pandian Express Class 1A Coupe

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8 Thoughts to “Pandian Express – First Class Coupe”



  2. Hi, is all cabin 2 coupe in 1AC pandian express?

  3. anand

    two per coupe or four ??
    pls reply

      1. Ritesh Pareek

        Hi Venkatarangan, that means it will be a great trip for honeymoon couples?? confirm please ;)

        1. Ritesh, it should be fun for honeymoon couple, but depends on the couple isnt’ it – how can I confirm ?

  4. Intresting insight into the forbidden first class ac coaches. ive tried to atleaast sneak a peek into them a couple of times, but have always been stopped by a guard. doesnt look all that bad

  5. Hello,

    Interesting blog.

    And your article is tempting me to think about this option during my next visit.


    Ramesh Menon

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