This site sports a new look

After nearly 4 years with an out-of-box theme from dasBlog, I managed to get one of my designers to do a new design for my blog. Do you like this new design?. Please post your comments.


  • Chandra

    Venkat…the earlier look had a personal feel and comfort…more..’charming’..perhaps is the word I was looking for. Could be because I was more used to it..that -‘ used-jeans’ sort of comfort. But current one has that…just…’ more’organized lay-out..feel to it…a little formal..a little lost on charm. Ofcourse its the content that makes a blog!Cheers..

  • Mahesh

    Hi venkat,hhmmmm.looks pretty cool with custom blog outfit :). I’ve a suggestion,few days back i’ve seen silverlight theme in, which is awesome and gives us a kind of vista effect..Yes I know this runs with dasBlog, but for a glance, i would recommend you to test it..>
    for themes visit ere..> , i planning for my own like this :) if you like that theme, you can ask your designer for the same.
    Regarding your new theme,Ivory goes well with light brown..instead black bg for all your side heading, maintain light brown which you have at top bar below your Blog headline(படித்தவை, பார்த்தவை மற்றும் நடந்தவை). I mean use light brown where ever black bg is applied. Atleast give a try, you’ll love it.

  • Sarathy


    1. colour scheme is nice and clean
    2. overall appearance has improved

    but i have a suggestion.

    the box appears for the title, is that can be expanded and accommodate the content also? will that makes for visibility between posts? just a thought.

    Thank you and continue to write more.