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Entrepreneurship for Engineers

I was invited to do a presentation to students at my alma mater (SVCE, Pennalur). The occasion was a day long event today organized by ECE department’s Alumni Association & IEEE Chapter. I decided against a technical topic for fear of boring the students, instead I made a talk on “Entrepreneurship for Engineers”. Following what “George Bernard Shaw” said “I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation“, I started by quoting myself  “There has never been a better time in Indian History for becoming an Entrepreneur”.

I tried my best to make the session very lively and at the end when I counted only few heads where sleeping out of nearly 100 students in the hall. And in the 90 minutes I heard no “Boos” or “Whistles” which itself I think was an achievement in itself. Download – Entrepreneurship for Engineers v2.0.pdf (292.67 KB)

In the evening I presented one more session. This time it was at Vishwak for our weekly Friday sessions organized by our team members as a forum to share knowledge and best practices. Here again I went against a technical topic as I didn’t have the time in advance to prepare on any of the latest or upcoming topics, and if I presented on any of the existing technologies then my team knows more than me :-) . The topic I talked was on “Presentation Skills” on which I have earlier posted a detailed 7 page post here and as a way of demonstration I did the talk without any presentation aids (No PowerPoint and no Projector).