My Fully Loaded PC

MyDreamPC2007This week I got my System’s team at Work to assemble a super fast PC for me. The Monster PC is loaded with:

The machine scored a very impressive Windows Experience Index of 5.5. According to Microsoft Website the maximum score now for a Vista PC is 5.9 and this machine scores for most of the items 5.9 and only for RAM 5.5. I am pretty pleased!

WindowsExperienceIndex-1 MyPC-1

10/Sep/2007: I got myself pampered by adding to this machine, two wide 22″ LCD monitors (ViewSonic Vx2235w). Each display does a resolution of 1680 x 1050 and I am loving the wide extended desktop.

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6 Thoughts to “My Fully Loaded PC”

  1. Siva M

    Dear Venkat – Did you procure all these components in Chennai? If so, would you mind sharing the shop name/address where you got them? I am interested in building a similar configuration. Also, how much did you have to shell out for this configuration?

  2. Great assembly of the best in the market :-) I was wondering about the cost it took…

  3. You should try this new tweak that appeared today on the website

    BTW can you just let me know the difference it makes to a 8 GB workstation.

  4. With 8GB I am planning to run multiple Virtual PCs for Dev & Experimentation.

  5. Kiran

    Another way to look at the Windows Vista index is closer to the benchmark means higher up the organizational value chain one is!


  6. Great Combo..But wondering what you’ll do with 8 GB RAM ;)..I’m so jealous on you venkat..this to toooo much. This looks kind of server config….

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