If you haven’t seen Live.com site, go check it out. It is a personalizable start page, you can add any number of available Gadgets – which are tiny AJAX applets that give you functions like Calculator, News, Currency Converter, Games and more. There is a built RSS feed reading gadget as well that displays the contents of any RSS feeds. At Vishwak, we decided to improve the functionality of this RSS Gadget and we have come up a new RSS Viewer gadget. This gadget accepts any RSS link, displays top 5 stories, expands one abstract at a time in a rotation.

You can add this gadget to your live.com page from http://www.vishwak.com/gadgets/live.com/vishwakrssrandom.xml. For adding, click on the Add Stuff link above the Pages Tab, then on Advanced options and type the URL of the gadget in the Subscribe textbox and press subscribe. Let me know your comments.

If you would like to write Gadgets on your own check out the Live.COM SDK here. There are differences between the Live team approved gadgets that have access to the entire page DOM and JavaScript objects; and your own (not approved) Gadgets which are run on an IFrame, which restricts it from drawing outside the Iframe area. That’s why you will notice our gadget having the Edit button not on the same line as in the title display (border) but as a separate line (Right-aligned).

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