TV Antenna’s were a common thing on every building top in Chennai City till about a decade back. With the advent of Cable connections it has become a thing of the past and virtually not to be seen anywhere. I realized how scarce this technology has become only today – when my 3 year old son while playing in the terrace asked “What are those Rods in the nearby house?”. It took few seconds to understand what he meant – I had a good laugh while explaining him about it!

A lone TV Antenna in the neighbourhood
(A Lone TV Antenna in my neighbourhood)


p align=left>In my childhood Antenna’s where very special, especially for me. I have spent hours working on installing multi-band antennas with boosters and then tuning our TV for hours to days – just to catch up signal of Sri Lanka’s Tamil channel (if I remember right it was called Rupavahini) transmissions. The best I could manage (being in Chennai) has been few disturbed screens with audio :-)

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