The film’s plot can’t be any less original than Ante Sundaraniki (2022), yet I enjoyed this romantic comedy thanks to a fine screenplay and good acting. Nani as Sundar Prasad and Nazriya Nazim as Leela Thomas have done their respective roles well. Joining their characters as their respective mothers are the two veteran actresses of South Indian cinema, Rohini and Nadhiya, and both were brilliant. Had the film been edited sharply and the three hours of running time tightened, I would’ve been happy to give it a Ripe rating on the Mangoidiots scale.

Sundar Prasad is a Hindu boy from an orthodox middle-class brahmin family. His schoolmate is Leela, a Christian girl with a devout father. They both fall in love, but both families are unlikely to yield to their children’s wishes due to their strong religious affinities, so the two come up with dubious plans to force their parents’ hands and get their consent. Did they succeed and get married is the story?

What do employees do when they perform poorly, they lie, give some excuses to their manager and promise better performance in the future? Here, Sundar invites his manager for a one-hour lunch and bores him to death with his unluckiness, problems in his family, and issues with his lover. The poor manager feels helpless and keeps listening. Harsha Vardhan brings to life the role of the manager, Chandra Mohan, we are made to feel his pain. I liked Director Vivek Athreya’s technique to use the lead pair’s younger selves as a prop in the storytelling.

A fun film to watch, it is available on Netflix.

Ante Sundaraniki - அடடே சுந்தரா

Ante Sundaraniki – அடடே சுந்தரா

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