Last week on the 11th, it turned out to be a special evening for me. I got to meet Somasegar (Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Developer Division) and interact with him.The occasion was a Roundtable with Soma for select Chennai MVP’s and the Chennai RD (which is me!).
I first read about him nearly a decade back in the book “Show-stopper!: The breakneck race to create Windows NT”. After that, on many occasions I heard his name being mentioned with admiration by several Microsoft Employees. The first time I got to meet him in person was in Sep 2000, when Bill Gates launched MSN India. The last I got to meet him was few months back, on the occasion of a community roundtable held at Microsoft Bangalore, along with Eric Rudder. All said, last week (on the 11th) was special, since I got to talk with him for appreciable time on various interesting topics.
He is an active blogger, who’s blog is one of the most heavily commented, more so because he heads several exciting products from Microsoft including upcoming Visual Studio 2005.
With Somasegar, Corporate Vice President - Microsoft

With Somasegar, Corporate Vice President – Microsoft

During the roundtable, when I asked him how he finds the time to blog (I had to squeeze time at late nights like this one to blog!)?. Soma replied that he resolved to actively do it, right from the moment he decided to blog a year back. He added that most of his blog entries where made back home (Redmond, USA) and he hardly finds time during his business trips like this one to India. Holding a senior role in a company like Microsoft, I wondered how he decides what to blog, what not to blog and what will be his suggestion for people who blog, on where to draw the line?. I expected him to evade this question, no he didn’t, instead he replied instantly “It is simple, apply common sense”.

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