ASP.NET v2.0 (which is expected this calendar year) brings some exciting technologies including great Web Parts, making reuse lot more powerful and easy than today. Webparts was introduced in Sharepoint and there has been lot of questions on the interoperability between ASP.NET Webparts and SharePoint’s Webpart. This blog entry from one of the Microsoft Sharepoint Technical Evangelist throws clarity into it.
The blog also refers to this great tool “SmartPart for SharePoint: Workspace Home” that makes hosting ASP.NET 1.x User Control easily on a SharePoint Webpart today. Great functionality, check it out.

I just now upgraded my blog to the new dasBlog 1.7.x. It is great and much faster than the Predecessor – I simply love it. The upgrade was smooth and so far I noticed no data loss (keeping my fingers crossed!). Also I noticed that the Tamil fonts now appear correctly with Mozilla Firefox. Thanks E.Ravi for doing the upgrade on record time.

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