While Windows Explorer makes basic file handling like copying, moving, and deleting very easy through its intuitive GUI, it leaves much to be desired when it comes to advanced tasks. For doing Advanced file handling tasks, I generally turn to DOS Command Prompt, where I can use wild cards like ? or * to tag along multiple files.

One file handling task that I find myself often doing is to have my Digital photos renamed manually to meaningful names from the cryptic DSCF0001.JPG types, that my digital camera keeps by default. Normally I use rename *.JPG command to get it done, but that was until I found this program. This freeware by the name “A.F.5 Rename your files” [Source: www.fauland.com/af5.htm] allows you to rename multiple with ease and power. Check it out.

Update 2019:
In recent years, I have been using Advanced Renamer by Kim Jensen [Source: AdvancedRenamer.com] which is an awesome tool, with powerful features including Regular Expressions for file selection and renaming.

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