[Flashback Post: 3/March/2003]

I attended the “The Watts Humphrey” Software Quality Institute (SQI) event SEETAC 2003 today. Following are some of the items I am writing here from the notes taken on that day.

  • Every 5 years 50% of software professionals drop out from the industry
  • There is no way to manage large numbers of people, only Military & Factories are doing it
  • Software is always detailed work
  • If its automatic it means you can’t fix it yourself!
  • Over the years the percentage of software controlling a fighter pilot’s functionality has increased
    • 1960: F-4 – 8%
    • 1982: F-16 – 45%
    • 2000: F-22 – 80%
  • 5000 vulnerabilities are found in Software every year
  • 80,000-100,000 Internet attacks happen every year. Only 4% of it gets reported
  • Our job in the industry is to transform poorly understood and rapidly changing requirements into precise machine statements
  • Never make a commitment without a plan
  • It is always fastest to do the job right the first time
  • It if didn’t have to work, you could built it pretty quickly
  • An expert developer can do 25-50 lines of code an hour
  • Quality without numbers is just talk
  • A TSP Coach to train the people can make them do disciplined work
  • A good book is Winning with Software: An Executive Strategy by Watts S. Humphrey
  • Opportunities to collaborate with SEI in Carnegie Mellon are listed here.

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