As you would have noticed I have upgraded my blog software to latest version of DasBlog – version 1.9.6264. I have used a new theme for UI from this version. Let me know whether you like this theme. About DasBlog 1.9 – posted by my fellow RD Scott Hanselman (one of the Authors of DasBlog)

I am doing this post using Windows Live Writer. The latest build had a built in support for dasBlog (blogging software I use in my blog). If you need more information on customization WLW for dasblog, read this post from Scott and this post from dasblog.Info. Update Posted on 2/Oct/2006: When I first using WLW I was using dasBlog 1.8.x, which didn’t support image uploading. I had to FTP images and for some firewall issues with my ISP, FTP from WLW was not working. Since I upgraded my blog software to dasBlog 1.9.x the image upload problem was solved. I…

When you view Tamil texts created with dasBlog like my blog indic page, you will see the Tamil contents not getting displayed properly in Mozilla or Firefox. It turns out to be a problem in the CSS with the text-align:justify; property. I have described this in my earlier blog post last year. After I upgraded to latest dasBlog version (1.8.5223.2) I selected “Project 84” as my theme, this problem resurfaced. All it needed was going to /themes/Project84 and editing the style.css file. In the file,  you need to delete the above-said property in the #content style.

As you might be knowing I use dasBlog.NET server software (a community developed blogging engine) to power this blog. Today while going through the activity list that shows the statistics of visits and search result referrers, I noticed that all the referrers from Google Search are being blocked by dasBlog. This was not good news. On investigating I found out that the “Movable Type Blacklist” option in dasBlog configuration has to be disabled to get this problem resolved. This is due to the fact that the blacklist has been discontinued and that causes havoc with dasBlog. My fellow Regional Director and one of the Volunteer Project…