Had a fantastic chat with Dr Arunaagiri Mudaaliar, the sales success expert on his podcast recently! 🎙️ We dived into how Artificial Intelligence is changing the game in sales. Here’s what every founder and business leader should know which we covered in the podcast:

  1. Why Sales Matter: No sales, no business—it’s that simple. Knowing how to sell is crucial.
  2. Tech Experts Need Sales Skills Too: Lots of tech whizzes struggle with sales. It’s key to learn if you want your business to last.
  3. AI Can Upgrade Your Business: AI isn’t just the future; it’s now. It helps with everything from hiring to boosting sales. Time to get on board!
  4. Start Simple with AI: Try out tools like ChatGPT to help with emails, brainstorming, and chatting with customers. Personal touches can really boost your sales.
  5. Get Personal with AI: AI can figure out what your customers like and tailor your chats to fit. It’s all about making connections that count.
  6. Don’t Fear the Tech: Some folks hesitate to use new tech. But embracing AI is a must to keep up and stay competitive.
  7. AI in Daily Work: From writing content to translating languages, AI can handle tasks across borders, keeping your communications smooth.
  8. Boost Your Productivity: Let AI take care of the repetitive stuff so you can focus on the big picture. It’s a game changer for efficiency.
  9. Give AI a Go: Download tools like ChatGPT, Copilot, or Gemini and see what they can do for your business. You might be surprised!

Loved sharing these insights on how AI is revolutionizing sales. Check out the full conversation for more!

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