I am a fan of Jon Hamm, so I eagerly watched Corner Office (2022) on Amazon Prime Video. Despite its potential, the film was lacklustre and failed to deliver anything new. Mangoidiots rates it as Rotten.

The movie’s office setup reminded me of the TV series Severance, but unlike the thriller tone of that series, Corner Office is a comedy. The film begins with the protagonist, Mr. Orson, narrating his surroundings in a suspenseful manner, which initially builds anticipation for a big reveal that never comes to fruition. This sense of unfulfilled suspense lingers throughout the film. Mr. Orson joins a new office and quickly realizes that his coworkers are an odd bunch. Amidst the chaos of his workplace, he stumbles upon a quiet corner office that becomes his refuge. In this sanctuary, he finds solace and a sense of transformation away from the madness of his daily grind.

While Jon Hamm delivers a commendable performance, the movie overall fails to capitalize on its intriguing premise. The narrative promises a blend of comedy and suspense but ultimately falls short on both fronts, leaving the audience wanting more. In conclusion, “Corner Office” had the potential to be a sharp and witty comedy but ended up being a dull experience.

Corner Office (2022)

Corner Office (2022)

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