When you think of Adam Sandler, philosophical science fiction might not be the first genre that comes to mind. However, in Spaceman (2024), Sandler delivers a brilliant performance that is unfortunately let down by an underwhelming screenplay. Available on Netflix, Mangoidiots rates this film as Raw for its wasted potential.

Unlike typical space films which happens around Nasa, Spaceman features a Czech astronaut named Jakub on a six-month solo mission to investigate a mysterious cloud near Jupiter. The mission’s race is not against the Chinese but with the South Koreans. What starts as a space exploration soon transforms into a deeply introspective journey, exploring Jakub’s life and his relationship with his wife, Lenka.

One of the film’s highlights is the portrayal of a giant extraterrestrial spider, whom Jakub names Hanus. The interactions between Jakub and Hanus are engaging and add an unusual charm to the narrative. However, the film could have benefited from more background on the mission’s importance and more details about Jakub and Lenka’s life before the mission. This would have helped the audience connect better with the characters and their journey.

In conclusion, while Adam Sandler shines in his role, Spaceman misses the mark due to its weak screenplay. The film had the potential to be a memorable philosophical sci-fi but ends up being a missed opportunity.

Extraterrestrial spider, whom Jakub names Hanus

Extraterrestrial spider, whom Jakub names Hanus

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