Today is the last day of DH and I have my panel discussion in another hour or so. I am sitting currently in The Next Generation in Mobile & Broadband Platform Personalization: Widgets, Search, Information & Commerce.

Joyce Schwarz, JCOM Emerging Entertainment Marketing, talked about her blog at Hollywood 2020. You should give some content free, so that consumer will upsell, upgrade, etc. It is sickening everytime you have register when you want to see some content. She says she is an active believer that move toys will connect to the Internet – Nicholas Negroponte has said you will have more Barbies connected to the Internet than PCs.

Martin Russ, Chief Architect, Real-Time Content talked about a documentary where you can give the consumer a small teaser and then that keeps expanding as you go into it. There should be able to have an open API for exchanging profile from one social site to another. It is not possible to automatically move the profile content from Facebook to LinkedIn. Future always has the habit of being what is least expected. 3

Jonathon Wolfe, CEO, Maxiem talked about his company having a framework around MPEG21. And content producers in future are going to let go of the content to be distributed over all places, but have embedded transaction points and revenue shares.

Collin Bruce, Director of Marketing, Embedded Business Group, Hitachi America Ltd. talked about their investments on an embedded database for search. We will accept adverts when we want to do something/buy something. If we force advertisement with content, people will move to free options.

Scott Fedewa, Executive VP & Executive Producer, talked about how they are building technology that shows text and picture sent from SMS go through a moderator and appear on the screen in the front during a concert. A spam is a spam only if you are not interested. If you target correctly then you will want it, even rich people will want it, done correctly advertisement becomes programming.

Jim Benz, BDM, CSG Interactive talked that they are 1.2 Billion USD company there customers are most of the cable companies. DRM seems to become and go depending on which seminar you are in.

Dan Nguyen, Director of Product Management, Openwave provides the client and server software for mobile browsing and location-based services. On Google OpenSocial API – if you can’t buy them, neutralize it and this is the best way to do it.

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