LGM (2023) is a new-age movie about marriage. Harish Kalyan as Gautham and Ivana as Meera are the lead couple with Nadia playing the role of the mother to the bridegroom – all three of them were impressive. The film starts nicely with many enjoyable moments, but after the first hour loses its way and becomes tiring. It gets a Raw from mangoidiots.

After two years of courtship, Gautham and Meera decide to get married, and their parents readily give their blessings to the union. Unfortunately, the bride develops cold feet and calls for a tour with both families. What happens afterwards should’ve been the film, but the screenplay drifts far away from the basic plot and we feel relieved when it finally ends. An intriguing plot around an important issue raised by the bride could’ve been used to make a humorous story delivering a message to our society, but it was wasted by director Ramesh Tamilmani.

When the film comes in the OTT, I recommend you watch the first hour and switch it off! Better luck next time to Sakshi Dhoni as a film producer.

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