The film, directed by N S Ponkumar and starring Gautham Karthik, explores an intriguing scenario. What if a remote Indian village, oppressed by the British for decades, remained unaware of Independence Day for 24 hours? How would it affect their lives? The tortures the residents go through at the hands of a British tyrant were heartbreaking, but the screenplay couldn’t do justice. The happenings in the second half were implausible, because of which I was unable to connect. The art direction and the costumes were brilliant and also were the background and music by Sean Roldan. The film manages only a Raw from Mangoidiots.

The love story between Gautham Karthik and Revathy Sharma should’ve been enough to make a film like this engaging, unfortunately, there was no chemistry between them. Gautham tries his best when he is talking about her to his friend, but as a pair, they fail to connect with each other.

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