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Laththi (2022), a routine but action-packed police & criminal film

In Indian cinema, the hero if he is police gets shown as a super cop. It is mostly in comedy films, the hero comes as lower ranked police. Vishal in Laththi (2022) breaks this pattern, his character Muruga is a family man & a police constable. The first half was engaging in this police constable vs mafia, and the second half though having non-stop action was mixed-bag and long. The film gets a Mangoidiots Raw rating.

Vishal has given one of his best performances in the action sequences. Sunaina has done her role as the wife and mother of an 8-year-old well. Ramana who produced the film has done a convincing act as the villain. Yuvan Shankar Raja‘s background added the required momentum in the fighting scenes.

The sentiment scene just before the climax was a blunder and Vishal‘s overacting didn’t help either in the same. Otherwise, the screenplay by debut director A Vinoth Kumar was smooth and enjoyable.  Go for this film if you enjoy an underdog police vs nightly mafia leader story.

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