My impressions of the #Facebook #Metaverse keynote:

  1. I have a #OculusQuest2, as a non-gamer I find the software & apps have potential but are not there yet, and I hardly wear it. Only the 360 videos are usable! Convenience & Ease of use has been missing in all VR & AR systems till now.
  2. Facebook has managed to deflect temporarily the focus from the leak of “Facebook Papers” by pre-announcing Meta by decades. As a futuristic trend what they showed are exciting but the underlying #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality tech needed is far far away.
  3. I felt the important item is the promise around #NFT & Digital Assets in the Metaverse. If Mark pulls this, he will be remembered as the largest wealth creator of the century. Alternatively, it may turn out to be the biggest economic bubble (think in Trillions of US Dollars) the world has ever seen!
  4. Lastly, it all comes down to your belief (and his ability) whether Mr Mark Zuckerberg can deliver this vision. Unlike Apple or Amazon, this company is all about Mark. That’s why we saw him talking most of the time in the keynote.

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