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Carnaval (2021)

Carnaval (2021) is a Brazilian film about four female friends, who travel to Salvador, Bahia for Carnival celebrations.  There they meet interesting characters and how it changes their life is the story. This is a typical drink-dance-kiss rom-com and was highly predictable. Yet, it gets a mangoidiots rating of ‘Raw’, thanks to the breathtaking beauty of the city and the pictures of carnival events.

Nina (played by Giovana Cordeiro) is an upcoming influencer on Instagram. After a breakup, she invites her three friends for a week away to experience “Carnival” which will be paid for by a sponsor. In the beginning, Nina is obsessed with posting picture-perfect photos in order to increase her followers and achieve the one-million milestone. This puts off her friends. Meanwhile, Nina befriends the popular singer Freddy (played by Micael) and their tour guide Salvador (Jean Pedro) takes a liking to Nina – what happens in this triangular love story?

The film doesn’t pretend to offer anything clever or imaginative. We have seen the lead characters in other Hollywood films like Sex and the City.

Carnaval (2021) by Leandro Neri
Carnaval (2021) by Leandro Neri

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