Vanakkam Da Mappilei (2021) is a Tamil romantic comedy starring G.V. Prakash Kumar and Amrtiha Aiyer. The easiest way to describe this film will be: Director M Rajesh has made an anthology of three stories in one film with the same characters. At a running time of 165 minutes, it was too long, incoherent and featuring humour in a few places that save it from being a total disaster. It gets a mangoidiots rating of ‘Raw’ and is available on Sun NXT.

Aravind (GV) is a marine engineer who has returned home for a six-month stay. He has made a pact with his close friend Swamy (played by Daniel Pope) in college that they both will get married on the same day and in the same stage. To make good on the promise he wants to find a bride soon and in an encounter facilitated by his mother (played well by Pragathi) which was typical of Director Rajesh‘s film he meets Thulasi (Amritha Iyer) and it was love at first sight. Then follows Aravind getting Thulasi to fall in love with him, why Thulasi’s father Ram (Anandraj) agrees to the wedding, what makes Aravind’s tough-love father Natraj (Jayaprakash) fall in line, how Swamy’s life gets messed up by Aravind and so on. If I could’ve bet money on how each scene will turn out in advance, I would’ve made a fortune.

The two female leads Amritha Iyer and Pragathi have the audience impressed with their effortless and convincing acting in an otherwise bland film. Kudos to them. For his own good, GV should stop doing the next door lover boy characters, he is becoming old for those characters. For the tough father character, Jayaprakash seems to be completely out of place. Daniel Pope has got good screentime which he has used well. Anandraj‘s character was tasteless, to say the least. Lastly, there is too much promotion of ‘Alcohol’ drinking just like in previous GV or Rajesh‘s films.

Vanakkam Da Mappilei (2021)

Vanakkam Da Mappilei (2021)


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