With all the unpleasant news going around us, I felt like reading a book that was fun and light. What’s better for doing this than a kids genre book? I went to my son’s bookshelf to find this small book (64 pages) which was written a few years ago. The vibrant blue hues and the picture of a cute little girl drew me to it.

The book titled “The Adventures of Morty”: The Famous Turtle Detective is Here! was written by Shraddha Anu Shekar, her parents Pravin Shekar and Anu Krishnamoorthy are good friends of mine.

The book is a short story compilation of the adventures of a little girl turtle who travels to places around the world and solves mysteries. Being a kids book and written by a kid (Shraddha was ten when she wrote the book) the stories are brief, and, the crimes get solved quickly. Still, you will find not be able to put the book down as the characters are well presented and the plots intriguing.

All the very best to Shraddha to keep writing. Now, I need to go and look for her next book.

“The Adventures of Morty”, is published by NotionPress and is available for purchase on all major ebook platforms (Amazon, Google Play and Flipkart).

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