Lockup (2020) is a murder mystery starring Vaibhav, Venkat Prabhu, Vani Bhojan and Easwari Rao. In the first half itself, we are able to guess the identity of the guilty party(s), the victim and the rough motives, but thanks to a fast screenplay by Director SG Charles and good cinematography, the film was still enjoyable throughout. It is available on Zee5.

The story is about the murder of a police inspector and the suicide of a middle-aged woman. An honest police officer played by Easwari Rao starts investigating the case. The local police station’s staff headed by Venkat Prabhu are being uncooperative from the beginning. Vaibhav is the constable in the same station who is hoping to get promoted as sub-inspector so that he can marry the daughter (played by Vani Bhojan) of a politician. What happens in this mix is the thriller?

Though Vaibhav is the hero of the film, it is Venkat Prabhu who scores handsomely and carries the entire film along with Easwari Rao. Though Director has taken care to close most logical gaps like Vaibhav‘s change to Police Uniform from plain clothes on the night of an incident, the identification of the murder knife and so on, the film doesn’t move you to the edge of your seat; and that’s why it gets a Raw and not a Ripe in MangoIdiots rating.

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