KD (2019) is a gem that has come out of Kollywood which is normally a wasteland of formula films. A big round of applause for the Director Madhumita Sundararaman, and the lead actors Nagavishal & Mu Ramaswamy!

K.D. (aka Karuppu Durai) is about a special bond of friendship and affection that develops between an unwanted elderly man and a ten-year-old orphaned boy. K.D. (played by Mu Ramaswamy) is to be murdered by his children who are after to inherit his properties. Scared for his life, he runs away from his home town, travelling aimlessly he spends the night in a temple shelter. There he meets a young boy, who has been raised and looked after by the temple priest. Though an orphan, the boy is energetic, street-smart and literate, whereas the old man is dull, naive and illiterate – the dichotomy between the two has been used to tell a compelling story.

There were many scenes and dialogues that were noteworthy. Like the one where K.D. relishes the taste of mutton biryani, sucking the bone dry and devouring every mouthful, was a joy to watch. The scene where K.D. gets ready to meet the love of his life after nearly six decades comes out charming – the two, the lady now a grandma and the old man effortlessly steal our heart with their innocence.

What impressed me was the honesty of the characters portrayed, other than the villain (the old man’s children) everyone else in the story are people you are likely to encounter in village life. Breaking the tradition of Tamil Cinema, even the temple priest, a ‘brahmin’ is shown to be kind-hearted and caring for the welfare of the ‘non-brahmin’ boy. The visuals by Meyyendiran Kempuraj come out as natural as possible onscreen. The background score by Karthikeya Murthy sets the right mood throughout the film.

Scenes from கே. டி. 2019 (K..D. 2019) - கருப்பு துரை (Karuppu Durai)

Scenes from கே. டி. 2019 (K..D. 2019) – கருப்பு துரை (Karuppu Durai)

From the word go, the makers of the film seem to have enjoyed making it as much as we did watching it. Don’t miss it!

Update: As of January 2020, the film is available on Netflix India.

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