Sivappu Manjal Pachai (meaning Red, Orange & Green indicating Traffic Signals) is a film that will easily be forgotten. Actor Siddharth has delivered a wonderful performance, mature and composed, and it is unfortunate Director Sasi has wasted that in a film with a dreary second-half.

The film starts well as a sentiment story of a girl and her younger brother, who grew up alone after losing their parents, reminding us of Meyaadha Maan (2017). Then the first-half transforms into a conflict between the two important males in the life of that lady (played by Lijomol Jose) – her lover (played by Siddharth) and her brother (played by GV Prakash Kumar). This conflict was so engaging, that you were left craving for more, and, had it been explored independently of any distraction, could’ve made the film into a modern-day Pasamalar (1961). Regrettably, Director took the easy way out by scripting in a violent villain and the associated fight sequences into the screenplay, which by the time we come to the climax unbearable to watch.

There were a few noteworthy trends in the film: The hero’s friends though being useless themselves, offer him sensible advice at the right moments; GV’s girlfriend offers his sister, the right suggestion at the crucial time, without the usual dramatics of Tamil cinema; and, Siddharth’s mother, swaying him to forgive his brother-in-law (GV), and not playing the stereotypical mother-in-law. Kudos to the writer Sasi for these and I missed this talent everywhere else in the film.

Both the female leads Lijomol Jose, Kashmira Pardesh get enough scope with the former stealing the limelight through her soulful acting.

சிகப்பு-மஞ்சள்-பச்சை (2019)

சிகப்பு-மஞ்சள்-பச்சை (2019)

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