I am not sure I am being “fair” to write a review of Dev (2019), that I watched only till the interval – it was shoddy till then and I didn’t get any hope of it being any better in the second half.

The film felt like a poorly made Bollywood romance film that was shot in a European location. The hero Dev (Karthi) has two close friends (RJ Vigneshkanth and Amrutha Srinivasan) who grow along with him from childhood and now study in Ukraine  – if this was a Hindi film they would’ve captured stunning visuals of the location, unfortunately here it was not done so much. The two friends get him to fall in love with a girl (Rakul Preet Singh) selected randomly on Facebook. Rakul is a successful businesswoman in San Francisco (?) who is not interested in settling down. Rest is easily figured out.

Following the convention of this genre, both the heroine and hero are super rich, each owning dozens of Audi, Jaguar and Benz cars, which makes them completely unrelatable to the average audience!

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