Other than the common name, Chithiram Pesuthadi 2 has no connection to the superhit film that came in 2006. This film is about half-a-dozen happenings over the course of a few days, all occurring for want of money – in the past, we have seen the domino effect of one incident to another in a series of events, in this one, the happenings are not directly connected in most cases – while this builds curiosity in us, it also gets confusing.

Director Rajan Madhav has jumped right into the action from the first scene, missing out with any kind of character introductions, while this works great in international award films with fewer characters, here it makes us unable to relate to any of the characters.

The casting has been fine, with Vidharth, Radhika Apte, Ajmal Ameer, Ashok, Gayathrie & Aadukalam Naren, playing their roles well.

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