I like Political satires. A few years ago, I watched one on behind the scenes in the power corridors of London just before the vote on sending troops to Iraq, it was called “In the Loop (2009)” it was by Director Armando Iannucci. 

The Death of Stalin (2017) is by the same director and he has excelled himself on this one, the content is ludicrous and that makes it enjoyable. Joseph Stalin‘s illness and death. Each one is suspicious of the other, waiting for the opportunity to eliminate the other, and that is brought out well in the film.

The film starts with Stalin calling Radio Moscow, which is broadcasting live a Mozart recital and demands a copy of the recording. The station manager realises there was no recording and frantically organises a rerun – the scene makes us understand how fearful the populace was of Stalin’s rule. Later in the night while listening to the recording Stalin falls down unconscious, his council of ministers notice this only the next day and even then argue on when to call a Doctor – another issue is that there are no “good” doctors in Moscow after the great Doctors’ Plot.

Nice film, enjoy!

Stalin lying unconscious on the floor

Stalin lying unconscious on the floor

It is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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