This movie shows why British Comedy is the best when it comes to political satire. After “Yes Prime Minister” I enjoyed this thoroughly. I don’t remember how I came across this movie this week, but immediately I got it in Amazon VOD service for $10. Yes, you need a US Credit Card and US IP address to download the VOD movies.

The movie “In the Loop” is a British Comedy movie that leads up to the decision in UN to invade IRAQ. We are led to understand the British Prime Minister and the US President want to embark on a war in the Middle East. Simon Foster, a British Minister for International Development, states off the cuff in a radio interview that “war is unforeseeable”. He later tries to correct it with another statement: “to walk the road of peace, sometimes we need to be ready to climb the mountain of conflict”. Both these remarks start a series of manoeuvrings on both sides of the Atlantic by both the pro-and anti-war factions in both governments.

What makes the movie enjoyable and does not come out as a documentary is the fact the movie names no particular president or prime minister. The movie leads you to believe that whoever is in administration they are likely to be incompetent and ripe with internal politics. A lot of nice little things are in the movie like “Simon Foster being just a meat in the room”, When not able to influence a decision the idea to leak the information against the war, Simon Foster while waiting outside US Asst. Secretary of State office not knowing whether the meeting is over or not, a local voter from Simon Foster constituency keep pestering on a wall about to collapse and so on.

I will rate this movie to be a must-watch if you enjoy this genre.

From "In the Loop (2009), a British satirical comedy film directed by Armando Iannucci

From “In the Loop (2009), a British satirical comedy film directed by Armando Iannucci

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