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Ascension (2014)

Just watched the miniseries Ascension (2014) on Netflix. It starts off interesting – a crew of 600 men, women and children leave earth on a secret mission abroad a spaceship (a self-contained bio universe) that has been travelling for last 50 years on a 100-year mission to a distant galaxy – to save the human race from a possible world destruction due to the cold war in the1960s. The first generation were the heroes, the third generation will be the pioneers who found a new world – that leaves the in-between generation lost, opted in by their parents without having a say, living a whole life inside a tin can in the space with no future.

The miniseries of 6 episodes losses its mojo after the 3 episode when we are revealed the big conspiracy a bit early and then it goes into paranormal and political drama territories.

Ascension = Star Trek + WestWorld (2016) + The Truman Show (1998)

Ascension (miniseries)

Ascension (miniseries)

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