A few weeks ago, I watched Barefoot in the Park (1967), seeing that in my Facebook timeline, a friend suggested I check out the Carry On series of films. That’s how I got to watch Carry on Doctor (1967) today.

The film directed by Gerald Thomas, produced by Peter Rogers and written by Talbot Rothwell has a simple story – what happens in a hospital where the patients, nurses and the doctors are eccentric. It is a textbook slap-stick comedy.

Hospitals are places we want to avoid if we can, they are places where we go mostly when we are in distress or pain. This film takes such a place and flips it on its head. Of course, none of the things that happen in the film will happen in a real hospital, but that’s not the point. The jokes have to be taken in the context of the prevailing social norms of the 1960s, if you can forgive and accept that, you will be able to enjoy and laugh watching the movie.

Carry on Doctor (1967)

Carry on Doctor (1967)

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